WOLF & BEAR CO | I need your help.


So.  Cat’s out of the bag.  Danny and I have been hard at work the last few months putting together a small business of tees, sweatshirts, and some accessories.  I’m so, so excited about it.


This is a huge step for us.  I’ve had Etsy shops before, but this is something else.  Right now, we’re outsourcing our printing via Threadless as it’s the most cost effective option for us.  We don’t have the space or the income while planning a wedding to be able to print on our own – but hopefully, one day when we’re in a house, we’ll be able to print in our own garage!

It’s been a struggle only having control over designs.  I can only do so much, and it takes a few days for samples to get to us while they’re being printed.  I’m kind of a perfectionist in anything I create, so you can imagine my frustration and anxiety as I wait for the sample anticipating it’s sheer perfection or absolute awfulness.  But it’s good.  It’s good that I can focus on designs, because we’ve planned two collaborations and launches for the rest of 2018!  I’m so fucking excited.

I haven’t been this passionate or excited about a project in an insanely long time.  Yes, wedding planning is exciting and so thrilling and enjoyable, but this is something that I’ll have (hopefully) long after the wedding is over.  There will be sneak peaks over on our Instagram and we set up a twitter as well as a Facebook page.

But there’s a dilemma, and I need your help.

This blog has been mine since 2011 or 2012.  I love this blog.  I’ve been able to come and go, and only in 2018 have I dedicated myself to really pursuing this.  But with the launch of the business, a lot of people have told me that blogging on our website using that as a platform to be more relatable than just a clothing line is something I should consider.  And in a way, I totally get that.  We’re starting our life together, so maybe I should consider that.  Maybe I should be blogging there.  But I also feel that a lot of what I plan on writing about – wedding planning, a lot of stuff if we’re being honest – maybe doesn’t have a place there.  But maybe that’s the kind of shit that makes us human and more relatable, because it’s… us.  And our business.  Our brand.  I want people to see us as PEOPLE, not just a t-shirt.  Does that make sense?  Do I keep both blogs and separate them as I see fit?  Do I merge everything over there?  Do I keep only this and use that space for launches exclusively?

What do you think I should do?   HELP ME.