How to Deal with Disappointment


Disappointment is part of being human at any age.  It sucks, but it’s true.  A lot of disappointment has been floating around in my life for the last two months and I just haven’t had a lot of motivation to do much.  However, I saw a quote on the Huffington Post blog when I was looking for inspiration and re-motivation and it resonated with me so loudly.

“Disappointment is a temporary obstacle on the road to success.”  – Tamiko Cuellar

parisbathroomAt twenty eight years old, I’ve learned what I’m capable of.  When I want to fight and how hard I want to fight for something.  I’ve learned not to expect much of most people, because disappointment is nearly always inevitable as our expectations are just that – our own.  Words are words and unfortunately they don’t always mean what they are.  But after being sad and upset about things I can’t control and things people keep promising that aren’t coming through, I have to let it go.  There comes a time where you just have to pick yourself up and let it be and do your best and use that disappointment to work harder and do what you know you are capable of and when it’s time to move on, you will.  I’m on that path.  For now, I’m just doing the best I can until I can let things go completely and move on.

To help with that, I’ve been doing a lot of these things.

  1. Make a plan.  Whether that’s making a list of the goals you want to accomplish next, setting resolutions to better yourself and your environment, or all of the above, just make  a plan.  For me, this meant sitting down with Danny and talking about our future.  What we wanted to accomplish individually and together, what we needed to do for our future to be the way we both wanted.  I’ve got lists literally everywhere.
  2. Talk to someone.  Not someone involved directly, or anyone who can recirculate your frustration and magnify it or make it worse.  But it’s relieving for humans to be able to share our feelings with another person who can offer advice and just help you through what you’re going through.  It feels nice, and it helps you see things clearly when you aren’t keeping everything bottled up.
  3. Surround yourself with as much positivity as possible.  People you love, things you love, good vibes.  Your pet.  Sunshine.  Good music.  A nice candle.  Anything that makes you happy and improves your mood.  It works, I promise.
  4. Have a good cry.  Fuck it, you earned it and it’s okay to cry when you’re upset.

The quote was what I needed to read to pick myself back up and keep going.  A lot of good things are going to come in this next year, and it’s unfortunate that a lot of things I thought and wanted to happen and see through won’t be part of it.  I’m not going to let disappointment be one of the things that come with the next few months and start of 2018.  I’m just going to work hard and finish what I wanted to two years ago.  Working hard, finishing school, starting my future.  These are my priorities for the next 9 months.  It’s funny how disappointment turns into motivation so quickly.  I’m entirely re-motivated to complete everything I wanted to.

Hey, self — let’s do this.

x little wolf