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So, on top of the I’m Getting Married series I’m working on, I thought I’d do a cruelty free 101 series as well.  I know there are a lot of resources out there about living cruelty free, but one more honestly couldn’t hurt.  I have a lot of plans to discuss the problems with misleading branding and information, recipes and my journey to a plant based diet,  tools you can use to see that you’re living a cruelty free lifestyle to the optimum potential you’re trying to achieve, links to other resources and blogs on the internet with more in depth information on various subjects, and my overall experience transitioning to a cruelty free lifestyle over the last few years.


Why a cruelty free lifestyle?

I originally decided to transition to a cruelty free lifestyle in the spring of 2015, because it finally hit me that I wanted to work toward a career helping animals.  My end game goal is to be a veterinary technician, and I’m working on school for that now.  After deciding how hypocritical it would be of me to want to help animals live a better and more fulfilled life with the people that love them, yet continue to buy products that use animals as test subjects, I knew I needed to make a change.

“The love for all living creatures is the most noble attribute of man.” – Charles Darwin

My main area of transition was going to be cruelty free beauty and skin care, and I knew that was a venture I was going to need to do a lot of research on.  So I did.  I looked up anything and everything I could think of, and still have the vast majority of it bookmarked.  I am most excited to write about this, because it’s something I so strongly stand behind.

I’d been a vegetarian before in my earliest years of college, but had fallen away from it out of convenience and honestly, laziness.  I still eat fish, so technically my fiancé and I are pescatarians, but that’s a rare occasion and primarily our diet is plant based and we consider ourselves mainly vegetarian.  He’s lactose intolerant, and although we do use a lot of vegan cheese, dairy has not been cut out of our diet completely as of yet, although that’s a transition we are working on together currently.

My transition to cruelty free beauty, hair, and skin care was done in less than five months.  I had a tight budget at the time, so throwing product away I no longer wanted to support wasn’t entirely an option.  But once I used things up, I replaced them with products I had found to substitute.  A lot of people might not agree with my decision to do that, and can say I should have tossed everything away and started over; but at the time that I made this decision, I was living paycheck to paycheck so my transition was what was right for me.  And I want anyone reading this to realize, your transition will be what’s right for you – the fact that you’re taking a step and decided on making the transition in the first place is SO important.

If you have any questions or if there’s anything you’re dying to get help with or learn, ASK!  Send me an email, leave a comment.  I want this series to be amazing, and I want it to help someone make a progressive choice to better themselves and the world for the animals we share it with.

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No one wants to talk about periods and products, but we’re gonna.  I’m a 28 year old woman.  I got my first period when I was 9 and a half, on the Fourth of fucking July.  You know, that one holiday where literally half of the population is wearing white pants?  Yeah.  White capris.  It was my lucky day.   I’d had talks with my mom about what was going to happen (very reluctantly, she will inform you) and even though I was technically prepared – let me tell you, I was not.  I was the first girl in my fourth grade class to start any of this, so I couldn’t talk to my friends about any of it because they thought it was weird and gross.  Let’s be honest, it’s pretty gross.  At 9, my flow was completely different than it is today.  My hormones were completely different than they are today.   The products I use are COMPLETELY different than they were then.  For the better.

Not to say that whoever chooses to stick with whatever brand they’ve always used is wrong, because hey, we are creatures of habit and I order the same thing every time we go to our favorite breakfast joint and have for the last four years.  But this isn’t just breakfast, it’s your inner body health.  I spent a lot of time using top name brand pads and tampons, and some were better than others, sure.  But on a whim one day while at Target with my boyfriend, a fancy bag with palm leaf print (a weakness, sue me) caught my eye.  It was the same price as the brand I normally bought, but it had about 16 more pads in it than the one I used to grab out of habit.  Why not try it?  I grabbed the bag and threw it in the cart.  I haven’t looked back since.

The white bag with the palm leaf and gold bag was a pack of L.’s Chlorine Free Ultra Thin Pads in regular (but not basic) format.  What got me initially was the quantity I was getting for the price.  42 for $6.99, that’s unheard of.  I mean unless you’re buying your pads and tampons at Costco.