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No one wants to talk about periods and products, but we’re gonna.  I’m a 28 year old woman.  I got my first period when I was 9 and a half, on the Fourth of fucking July.  You know, that one holiday where literally half of the population is wearing white pants?  Yeah.  White capris.  It was my lucky day.   I’d had talks with my mom about what was going to happen (very reluctantly, she will inform you) and even though I was technically prepared – let me tell you, I was not.  I was the first girl in my fourth grade class to start any of this, so I couldn’t talk to my friends about any of it because they thought it was weird and gross.  Let’s be honest, it’s pretty gross.  At 9, my flow was completely different than it is today.  My hormones were completely different than they are today.   The products I use are COMPLETELY different than they were then.  For the better.

Not to say that whoever chooses to stick with whatever brand they’ve always used is wrong, because hey, we are creatures of habit and I order the same thing every time we go to our favorite breakfast joint and have for the last four years.  But this isn’t just breakfast, it’s your inner body health.  I spent a lot of time using top name brand pads and tampons, and some were better than others, sure.  But on a whim one day while at Target with my boyfriend, a fancy bag with palm leaf print (a weakness, sue me) caught my eye.  It was the same price as the brand I normally bought, but it had about 16 more pads in it than the one I used to grab out of habit.  Why not try it?  I grabbed the bag and threw it in the cart.  I haven’t looked back since.

The white bag with the palm leaf and gold bag was a pack of L.’s Chlorine Free Ultra Thin Pads in regular (but not basic) format.  What got me initially was the quantity I was getting for the price.  42 for $6.99, that’s unheard of.  I mean unless you’re buying your pads and tampons at Costco.