My name is Alyssa, I am a 30-year-old blogger based in Las Vegas.  I’m a dog mom of two with an aesthetic for skinny jeans and comfy tee shirts.

I am a little bit of everything that I love.  That said, this blog is going to be a lot of the things that I’m passionate about. Some of the things I love include Harry Potter, yummy food, home decor, photography, and most importantly, animals.  My main goal and focus here are to make living a cruelty-free lifestyle as simple as possible by sharing my journey and things I’ve learned along the way.  I had been a vegetarian off and on since high school and went cruelty-free with my beauty and skincare products in 2014 and vegetarianism followed shortly after, and finally, in late 2018 my husband and I decided it was time to go vegan.  I’m still learning and figuring things out as I go, whether it’s making recipes I grew up eating vegan or trying something new.  I just want to share my experience for the positive and maybe let other people know how easy it really is.

I hope you’ll stick around and maybe join the mailing list to stay up to date on everything my husband and I are creating for this space!


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