I’m Getting Married | How the Hell do I plan this thing?



This is going to be a series I’m working on, because if I commit to blogging, I have to blog about stuff in my life – and this is definitely something going on in my life right now.  I also think it will be nice to document the process of planning our wedding and looking back on it later.  Danny wants to vlog a lot of the process so we can look back on it in video form, so we may revisit that at another time.  For now, though, I’m going to start posting on this space.

Let me start by saying: I have no fucking idea what I am doing.  Pinterest makes planning a wedding look so easy, and even in the time I have spent watching shows about weddings – I didn’t realize how complicated this all actually is.  Way more goes into it than anyone makes it seem, and we are even going for the simplest of weddings.  My Pinterest “dream wedding” board is overflowing with ideas we probably won’t ever use, and I know I need to narrow it down and really make shit happen.  Our wedding is 9 months away, and we haven’t even secured a venue as of right now.  We have a few places in mind, but we definitely need to buckle down and make some decisions.

Invitations are done and ready to be printed and sent.  We have an officiant lined up as well as a photographer.  We have colors picked out.  We know we are not doing groomsmen and a bridal party, just a maid of honor and a best man.  I started a website with tons of information about where and when we are getting married to give to our guests.  We have a venue.  Aside from that, there’s still a lot that needs to be done.

As frantic as this all may seem, I have learned that lists work really well for me.  I bought a new planner for 2018 and got enough supplies and colored pens to make sure wedding to-do’s will fit right in.  I bought a separate notebook for all things wedding, including food menu, guest lists, etc.  My point is: do what works best for you.  If you need a wedding coordinator or planner, go for it.  If you are the type of person who wants to do it all yourself, you might find this series entertaining at the very least.

I have a wedding dress appointment coming in February, and tons of mood boards I’m working on for this series.  Welcome to wedding planning with me.  Any tips you have would be incredibly helpful, I am learning as I go.


4 thoughts on “I’m Getting Married | How the Hell do I plan this thing?

  1. Ok! Chose my dress this weekend which was so lovely, and quite a relief as I tried on about 30 dresses a few days before! Now on to bridesmaid dresses, photographer, flowers…etc! 🙂 Hope the dress appointment went well

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