Chickpea Tacos


Happy Taco Tuesday!  We’re both originally from California, so we love Mexican food and this is an easy recipe that uses whole ingredients and is super budget-friendly.   This dinner comes together really quickly which makes it ideal for weeknights!  I recommend starting your rice first because in the 20 minutes it takes for rice to cook, you’ll be done with the chickpeas.  If you want a recipe for Mexican rice, leave a comment and I can post that one soon, too! You can half this recipe, but we like to do taco bowls with the leftovers during the busy week, so I usually make a larger batch based on the ingredients listed below.

First, make the spice mixture by adding all of the spice ingredients into a small bowl.  Mince 3-4 cloves of garlic and finely chop 1 cup onion.  Set aside with your lime.


Drain and rinse your chickpeas well. 


Heat the oil in a medium non-stick skillet over medium heat. 

Before you add the chickpeas, add the onion and garlic and sauté for 2 minutes, until onions are translucent and garlic is fragrant.   Then you’ll add the chickpeas and the spice mixture.  Mix well and continue stirring occasionally for roughly 5 minutes until spices are toasted well.  It should look something like this:

acs_0133Turn off the heat and squeeze the lime juice over chickpeas, mix once more.   If you want to accurately measure out 2 tsp of lime juice, go ahead, but I’ve learned to eyeball it and just squeezing one half of the lime tends to do the job. 

You can add any additional ingredients you like!  We use the raw organic flour tortillas from Costco that we cook ourselves on a cast iron, and I usually make Mexican rice, refried beans (Costco has certified vegan Rosarita refried beans in a case right now!), guacamole, and we use a vegan sour cream along with some additional veggies!  We get our spices in bulk from Sprouts, so my favorites for this recipe are the Mexican oregano, California mild chili powder, and smoked paprika.  The rest of the seasonings are pretty standard, and for this particular batch I used Himalayan sea salt and it tasted just as delicious.     

I hope you’ll love this one as much as we do if you decide to recreate it.  You can definitely adjust the spices to your liking and definitely use less if you prefer a more mild spice.

Spice Mixture

2 tsp chili powder
2 tsp paprika
1 tsp oregano
1 tsp salt
1/2 tsp sugar
1/8 tsp cayenne (use more if you like a lot of spice)


2 tbsp oil – I usually use coconut or olive oil, but I think avocado oil would be great as well.
2 cans of chickpeas
3-4 cloves garlic, minced
1 cup finely chopped onion
2 tsp lime juice
* You can add 1/2 cup cilantro if you like, but I have a cilantro aversion


1. Make the spice mixture by adding all of the spice ingredients into a small bowl.  Mince 3-4 cloves of garlic and finely chop 1 cup onion.  Set aside with your lime.
2. Drain and rinse chickpeas.  Heat oil in a medium non-stick skillet over medium heat.
3. Add the onion and garlic and 
sauté 2 minutes or until onion is translucent and garlic is fragrant.
4. Add chickpeas and spice mixture.  Mix well and stir occasionally for 5 minutes until spices are well toasted.
5. Turn off the heat and squeeze half of the lime over the chickpeas and mix to coat.
6. Serve!


Vegan Eggplant Parm Stacks with Tofu Ricotta

This recipe is by far one of my favorite things I’ve made, so I’m excited to finally share it! I’m going to cut right to the point, let’s get started.
To start, preheat your oven to 375 degrees farenheit, slice your eggplant into medallions and set aside. Combine garlic powder, nutritional yeast, oregano and salt and pepper in a bowl. Melt down coconut oil if it’s solidified, and set that in another bowl. Coat both sides of eggplant in olive oil, I usually ladle the oil onto both sides using a spoon. This method is what works best for me, but if you have a marinade brush you could easily brush both sides of the eggplant and skip the bowl of oil altogether. Season both sides of eggplant with your spice mixture. You could use a spoon for this but I like to drop the eggplant right in the bowl, flip it, and then set it on my baking sheet. When you’re done, it should look something like this:
Once your oven is preheated, place your tray inside and let the eggplant bake for 20-25 minutes, flipping once halfway. When your eggplant are golden brown, pull out of the oven and set aside to cool slightly. While the eggplant is still in the oven, start on your tofu ricotta. You will need your tofu, tahini, nutritional yeast, garlic cloves, miso paste, salt and pepper, and lemon juice.
I like a mix of chunky and smooth ricotta, so that’s what I pulse to achieve. If you are having trouble reaching your desired consistency, add a small splash of coconut or olive oil. You will have some leftover if you are using a smaller baking dish, and you can save the ricotta in the fridge for up to a week.
By now, your eggplant should be perfectly golden and ready to assemble. Spread a layer of pasta sauce on the bottom of your dish, follow with a layer of eggplant, another layer of sauce, spinach, and then the ricotta. Repeat until you have filled your dish completely. I used one eggplant and a smaller dish for this recipe, and I ended at two layers. If you’d like to, you can use a vegan cheese on top to add another element. We really love the Violife cheeses and had some of their mozzarella left from a pizza we made last week, so I sprinkled that on top. This is optional.
Bake until heated through. Because I like my ricotta to golden slightly and I wanted the Violife to melt a little more, I switched my oven to broil and allowed it to work its magic for an extra three minutes.
Serve and enjoy!  I hope you enjoy these as much as my husband and I do.

Eggplant Stacks

1 Medium eggplant, sliced into medallions. If you have a bigger baking dish, you may want to use two.
24 oz Marinara sauce or tomato-based pasta sauce of your choosing
9 oz Baby spinach
Coconut oil
1 tbsp Garlic powder
1 tbsp Nutritional yeast
1 tbsp Oregano
Salt & pepper to taste
Tofu ricotta recipe below
1. Preheat the oven to 375.
2. Slice the eggplant into medallions and lay over a baking tray, I used parchment paper this time because we are trying to use up what we have.
3. Melt coconut oil and drizzle oil over each stack of eggplant on both sides – LIGHTLY. You can also use vegetable stock or olive oil if you prefer.
4. Sprinkle both sides of eggplant medallions with garlic powder, nutritional yeast, salt and pepper over the stacks. *I find the easiest way to do this is to just combine the seasonings in a bowl and drop the eggplant in, flip, and then remove.
5. Bake for 20-25 minutes, flipping once halfway, until both sides are golden brown in color. Remove from your oven and allow to cool just slightly. Keep oven at 375.
6. Line a baking dish with a reusable baking mat, parchment paper, or an oil of your choice. Prepare your stacks. Start with a row of sauce on the bottom, eggplant, ladle sauce on top, spinach, and then the tofu ricotta. Repeat to make two layers.
7. Bake until heated through. Broil an extra two-four minutes if you want the ricotta to golden.
8. Serve and enjoy!

Tofu Ricotta

1 8oz brick of tofu. *I prefer firm, but you can use medium for this as well. I do not recommend soft or silken.
1 1/2 tbsp tahini
2 cloves garlic, chopped finely
3 tbsp nutritional yeast
1 1/2 tsp white miso paste
1 tbsp lemon juice
1/4 tsp pepper
Salt as needed.
* If you want a more Italian flavor in your ricotta or you are using it in another recipe, a teaspoon of oregano or Italian seasoning works great for more flavor.
1. Drain the package of tofu, no need to press it.
2. If you have a food processor, add break the brick and set inside the processor. A blender will also work, it’s what I use.
3. Add all ingredients to the blender or food processor and pulse until the consistency of your preference.
4. You will likely have some leftover, and it keeps in a mason jar for up to a week. It goes great on pizza if you want to plan another meal to use it for!